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Getting the Wii
Friday 17 November 2006

Let's face it. The Nintendo Wii is one of the biggest things since the Nintendo GameCube.

The race to acquire a Wii was a tough one indeed. Ian and James made several attempts at preorders, being continually shafted every time. Wiis were in short supply everywhere, with Meijer getting only eight in stock. Those vying for one had to enter a drawing in order to win one of those units. James and Mike had the good fortune of walking out with their new game systems.

You can also read Laura's write-up.

Attendees: Ian Malcolm, James Malcolm, Mimi Malcolm, Laura Mayfield, Paul Arquette, and Mike Gillespie.

Paul posted these in his journal, but I'm mirroring them because he has a knack for deleting his journals.

No Josh Zone Though in hindsight wishes he had.
There is no information regarding James' chair James and Laura waiting for the names to be pulled announcing the winnars. It may interest you to know that Laura's small recliner was rated for seventy-eight pounds.

Photo Credit Paul Arquette
This is where it sucked to be Paul, if you know what I mean Ian basically commandeered the furniture section, making his own harem inside the store.

Photo Credit Paul Arquette
Deep down Paul harbors a Napoleon complex Paul's self portraits are often taken from below. This invokes a sense of superiority while Paul gazes down upon you, his subservient peons.

Photo Credit Paul Arquette
It's like the Fonz never left us With the Wii near at hand, James is feeling pretty good about the world. So much that he invokes his 1950s rebelliousness.

Photo Credit Paul Arquette
After all, it's nearly Thanksgiving Laura offers James a better pair of sunglasses as a sign of goodwill and peace. It may be a clever ruse on her part.

Photo Credit Paul Arquette
Teh winnars James and Mike both won the drawings for the Wii, meaning that they took home one quarter of those Meijer had to offer. Those lucky bums.

But now you know who your new best friends are!

Photo Credit Laura Mayfield
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