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The Twelve Days of Christmas

Each year, starting with 2004, I like to do a countdown to Christmas. Each day is represented by a different photo, each following a particular theme for that year. Here you'll find past archived years.

2004 : The Marie Jarden Christmas Countdown

It's only a seven day countdown, but that's okay since Marie hates Christmas.
2005 : The Twelve Josh in Hats Before Christmas

Josh wore a hat for each day, setting off a trend and a new website.
2006 : The Twelve Snarlings of Christmas

Christmas is a stressful time, so it's best to show it with everybody snarling.
2007 : The Twelve Ten Jeff Deaths of Christmas

The holidays can be dangerous, and nobody knows that better than poor, poor Jeff.
2008 : The Twelve Transitional Fossils Before Christmas

Boring everybody with a lot of paleontology and science before Christmas!
2009 : The Twelve Peculiar Circumstances of Christmas

Because anything can happen in life, for better or for worse.
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