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Summerfest 2009
Saturday 27 June 2009

Every year the Washington Township Fire Department puts on Summerfest, a large party sort of thing down at the local park. Summerfest's three days of sights and sounds culminate in a fireworks show on the last day. We decided to skip Summerfest and watch movies instead.

The day began with Charles, Laura, Ryan, and me watching Rear Window (1954). Ryan and Laura left early leaving me and Charles free to watch the live launch of the GOES-O meterological spacecraft on NASA TV while setting up the rest of the night. Felicity came over around 7:00 and the three of us played a game called Fluxx before tossing in the American Godzilla.

We stopped the movie to watch the fireworks on the roof, but got moving too late and pretty much missed the entire show. Charles and Felcity wanted sparklers, which we bought and burned, then finished Godzilla and called it a night.

This was also the night that my camera died, effectively meaning that the rest of 2009 was not well photographed on my part.

Felicity brought over the zombie version of Fluxx, which is a card game.
Charles was all on board with this game and was familiar with other variants of it.
I, on the other hand, couldn't keep up with the changing rules and got frustrated more than anything.
Felicity in the midst of her turn.
I can't even remember how this game was even played.
Well something must have been amusing. Who knows what it was though.
Once again asking the instructions to be repeated and what to do with these cards.
You can tell that she's winning from how satisfied she looks with herself.
Charles did his best at this game but failed to accomplish whatever the goal was. I can't remember.
This game gave me a headache.
We went out on the roof to see the fireworks (which we missed) and who should happen by but Mr. Black!
This might not have been the best day for Felicity to have worn a skirt.
Charles often spends time on inclined planes because it helps with his digestion.
Mr. Black wouldn't come up to play on the roof with us and instead elected to sit down in the yard.
Felicity on the roof taking a picture of me on the roof taking a picture of her on the roof.
The night is young and there is still much work to do.
Why won't Mr. Black just come up here instead of sitting quietly in the yard! A few moments later he left without saying a word, leaving the three of us to wonder wher he'd gone.
Charles considers his most flattering angle to be from above.
What follows is a series of photos of me, Felicity, and Charles. I don't think they need individual commentary so I'll let you fend for yourself.
Welcome back. The photo session ended and we returned to roaming around the roof.

Those lights in the background are a gaggle of kids with sparklers two houses down. They inspired Charles and Felicity to demand a trip to Meijer in order to buy their own. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Hey, it's not every day that you get to spend time our on Josh's roof.
Felicity picks at her ear.
Josh picks at his ear.
Charles picks at his ear.
Felicity crawls back inside but the window slides down on her, all like Captain Deladier in Starship Troopers.
Charles and Felicity kept talking about Fluxx, so they made a trip to the Internet for more information.
Internets is sooooooo interestin'.
I guess she got what she needed.
Look at this! Always ... always with the textin'!
To Meijer for cheap and legal fireworks! That means discount sparklers.

Also: sunglasses.
Fancy mirror photo!

But forget that. Please instead focus on whatever "Style Science" might be.
Felicity had a horrible run-in with a deer when she was young. It is a story far too sad and gruesome to discuss here.

Ever since then she has been weary of these cloven-hoofed beasts.
A tiger? In Africa?


A tiger in Africa?
Felicity found a gazillion bubbles. I don't know how they calculated that figure.
Charles found a wresting action figure. Keep trying, Chuck.
Charles would not buy this Count Dooku figure today. No, this time he would set it back on the shelf.

One month later, on July 27, it would be his. And we would eat waffles in celebration.
So they got their sparklers and oh, what fun they had with them.

As before, this section doesn't need me prattling on and on, so I will allow each photo to speak for itself.
And here we reach the end. The end of this gallery. The end of the sparklers. Nearly the end of the night. Specifically, the end of this camera.

Normally I wouldn't post a photo like this that turned out so poorly but this wound up being the last photo my trusty digital camera ever took before giving up the fight. The camera had been giving me trouble all evening and I spent most of the night fighting to make it work, snapping as many photos as I could while the camera was on and working.
Thanks for all the photos and, by extension, all the memories, FujiFilm A345 FinePix. You sucked up batteries like crazy but took pretty good pictures for all of your 4.1 megapixels.

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