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2009 Miscellania
January - December 2009

A lot of stuff can happen in a year, but not all of it is as well documented as the rest. This page is for the events that didn't garner enough photos to make a full gallery.

Spring Semester 2009 | STS-119 | Pool Ducks | STS-125 | Terminator Movie Day

Spring Semester 2009
Monday 12 January - Friday 8 May 2009

Normally I use my camera a lot more often during the school year but for whatever reason I only took a handful of photos on February 12. This wasn't the most exciting of days but it was one of the few where Charles actually showed up in the student union.
Dan basically ignored me the whole time, playing his Civ4 game and forcing me to resort to reading for class.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
Charles made an appearance. This was unusual because he usually couldn't be bothered to visit us in the student union and keep me from going crazy.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
'Course, all he did when he arrived was sit there looking indifferent. I suppose that is to be expected in February.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch

STS-119 | Discovery
Sunday 15 March 2009

Space shuttle Discovery launched at 7:43PM on a mission to install a set of solar arrays on the International Space Station. As always, Josh watched the launch live and was all geared up about the flight.
Josh and the STS-119 embroidered mission patch, because Josh has to spend money somehow.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch

Pool Ducks
Sunday 19 April 2008

Ducks like to use our pool as a place to hang out, especially during the off-season when water collects on the winter cover. This becomes a place where algae grows and bugs alight, making it a sort of sidewalk cafe for waterfowl. Here's a pair that were chilling on the pool one day.
Two ducks, going about their business with nary a care in the world.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
The female duck does a sort of shimmy. Dang girl, you don't gotta strut yo'self like that. He sees ya just fine the way you are.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
The female takes a time out from the water, leaving the puzzled male all wondering what he said.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch

STS-125 | Atlantis
Monday 11 May 2009

Space shuttle Atlantis launched at 2:01PM on the final servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. This flight revamped the telescope and gave it enhanced capabilities and a life extension. Hubble now has many more years of probing the universe ahead of it.
Josh decked out in STS-125 swag, with the embroidered mission patch in hand.

The STS-125 mission patch was designed by former Star Trek graphics designer Mike Okuda.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch

Terminator Movie Day
Saturday 23 May 2009

In commemoration of the release of Terminator Salvation, Dan, Charles, Felicity, Katie, and I had a Terminator movie day. Plans to have this marathon before seeing the new movie fell through and we did it the day after, which is still okay.

Katie only stayed for the first movie and Dan stayed through the second. Felicity and Charles stuck it out with me for the third, which none of us had seen before and which Felicity fell asleep through.
Charles is happy for Terminator movies. He's excited to be a part of this!

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
My friends don't actually talk to me. They just play with their phones until I stop annoying them.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
This is a photo of Shaq that I apparently had to see in the most important way.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
I don't have a cell phone, so I can't socialize with my friends. Welcome to the Twenty-First Century.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
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