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2006 Miscellania
January - December 2006

A lot of stuff can happen in a year, but not all of it is as well documented as the rest. This page is for the events that didn't garner enough photos to make a full gallery.

Monster Squad | Josh's Thanksgiving | Osthimer Thanksgiving | "Night Before Christmas"

Monster Squad
Saturday 11 October 2006

One of Erin's favorite movies was
The Monster Squad, a campy 1987 flick about Dracula recruiting other monsters to take over the world. With Halloween just around the corner we gathered at the Osthimer pad to watch it.

Attendees: Jeff Osthimer, Erin Osthimer, Josh Gulch, Charles Meyer, Lisa Knell, and Chad Stearns.
Erin, Lisa, and Chad on the couch after the movie. Lisa and Chad arrived after the film ended.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
Josh always has to sit on the floor when there's company over.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
Charles and Jeff chit-chat on the stairs. The mattress is for show.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
I don't think that Lisa was actually groping herself, but what do I know?

Photo Credit Josh Gulch

Josh's Thanksgiving
Thursday 23 November 2006

As happens every year, Josh's relatives pile into his house on Thanksgiving. This year the only thing that we can say about the holiday was that Phil did several impersonations of Hitler. That's about it, really.
This photo has the ability to come back and bite Phil hard on the butt someday.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
This is an old classic, the "mustache on the finger" trick.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
The mustache on the finger is useful because it's easy to hide should that need arise.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch

Osthimer Thanksgiving
Saturday 25 November 2006

The Osthimers saved their Thanksgiving for the weekend after. We don't have any photos from the actual gathering itself, but I do have some from the preparation. The night before was a big clean-off, during which Mr. Berry did some mad dance moves. Luckily there's video!
Mr. Berry shows his fancy footwork.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
Believe it or not, Berry's actually a pretty good dancer.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
Mr. Berry dances to "Take the A-Train."


Click to view
Running time: 1:11 minutes
Hosted on YouTube

Video Credit Josh Gulch
This is what I wore to Jeff&Erin's Thanksgiving dinner. Kinda. I took most of it off before eating so that I was wearing a modest dress shirt and slacks, but this is what I had on before dinner. I was teasing with the outfit and it mostly well received.

Photo Credit Josh Gulch

"The Night Before Christmas"
Saturday 2 December 2006

Felicity got free tickets to "The Night Before Christmas: The Whole Story" since she designed a costume for the show. Being the nice person that she is, she invited Josh along to see the performance. The cast did a great job and even pressed the kids into giving out candy canes in the lobby immediately after running off stage. How very 1840 of them!
We had the intention of playing a Titanic board game but instead got distracted by YouTube videos. That's something to snarl about!

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
Felicity's snarling photo. She tried to do her hair like Björk in her "Triumph of the Heart" video, but Felicity's hair was a little too short.

These would inspire the 2006 Christmas Countdown: The Twelve Snarls Before Christmas!

Photo Credit Josh Gulch
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