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JoshFest: 2002
Saturday 3 August 2002

JoshFest: 2002 celebrated the twenty-first year of existence for good ole Josh. This is despite the party occurring two weeks earlier in order to accommodate other peoples' schedules. The party was marked by fun in the sun, splashing around the pool. Josh even got hurt, slipping on the wet deck and falling onto concrete whilst attempting to jump half-way across the pool, giving Jeff a high-five in the middle.

Later in the evening we went to the park and nearly got arrested for being out and on the streets at 9:30 in the evening. The sun had barely set! Oh, good times.

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of this party! I do have two photos taken the night before, after all the preparations had been finished and Marie gave Josh his presents. So if anybody happens to have photos of this event -- or of JoshFest: 2003, which is similarly pictureless -- please let me know!

Attendees: Josh Gulch, Jeff Osthimer, Erin Byrne, Marie Jarden, Carey Fisher, Shawn Fisher, Phil Dake, Ian Malcolm, Cristine Larsen, Tahirih Kuhns, Courtney Saul, Sean Nestor, Bryan MacAfee, Jon Smith, Alisa Rowland, and Adam Pickard.

Apparently didn't get a haircut out of it, slacker Josh in his pajamas, after a long day of cleaning and preparations. But hey, he got presents out of it!

Photo Credit Marie Jarden
Mariebear slaps you with its pillow until you fall asleep Marie in her pajamas, after a long day of doing her own things. Also in the photo is Mariebear, whom Josh received that evening.

Photo Credit Marie Jarden
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