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JoshFest: 2000
Friday 16 June 2000

In the Great Year of the Future, 2000, JoshFest was held in June in celebration of Josh's graduation from high school. This was only the second JoshFest so the precedent had not really been set that it was a birthday event. In any case, a birthday party would not be possible in August due to the fact that Josh would be out of town on that date. So June it was!

The party went exceedingly well. There was a large turnout, fine weather, and quite a lot of swimming. Josh got it into his head to take one of the bathrooms out of commission in order to convert it into a Josh Shrine, full of artwork and mementos from his high school years. Ian, to this day, still does not appreciate that the water had been turned off in order to accommodate the shrine. There are sacrifices to be made, people!

We consumed loads of pizza and two cakes. There was swimming, there were presents, and there was even more swimming. Finally the remainder of the group gathered in the basement to watch Event Horizon, where we gradually fell asleep. See, the party was also a sleepover!

Attendees: Josh Gulch, Jeff Osthimer, Ian Malcolm, Dan Norton, Andy Black, Bryan MacAfee, Jason Miller, Aliesha Daleska, Bridgette Belair, Kresta Opperman, Angela Melzak, and Annie Applegarth.

Jason and Josh and some of the many, many pizzas. Seriously, we had like nine or ten pizzas and no leftovers.

I tried my best to improve the quality of this photo, but everything was against it. Backlighting and no flash to begin with, but the photo also had a matt surface which, when combined with dark images, makes for poor scanning.
Dan, Ian, Jeff, and Aliesha sit around the table with yet another pizza and a myriad of snacks.

Josh used to leave his telescope sitting in front of the windows in the hopes of making the neighbors paranoid.
Jason, Josh, and Ian in the pool. People stayed in the pool for hours, unlike later JoshFests where pool time, though of sufficient length, was far less than on this occasion.

Josh is somewhat oblivious while Dan and Ian react to an ailing Jeff.
Jeff got a bloody nose from the underwater pressures. MacAfee and Roo take either side of the pool, both harassing and corralling in order to keep people from breaking into a panic over the injury. They are the true heroes of the day.

Bonus Feature:

Some miscellaneous materials from Josh: 2000.

The outside of the invitation card. The front is on the right, the back is on the left.
Inside the card, with every piece of conceivably relevant information possible.
The mission patch for Josh: 2000, created many years after the fact in August 2007 to fill out the entire JoshFest series.

Obviously it was based on the original invitations, with Whitmer High School's colors highlighting the idea that it was a graduation party.

Click for larger.
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