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Ian's Birthday Party 2004
Sunday 27 August 2005

A surprise 21st birthday party was held for Ian at Jeff & Erin's house on July 11, 2004. Highlights included Phil walking around in Erin's bathrobe, later hitting Cristine in the jaw, which led her to kicking him in the crotch. Marie also turned in a very tasty cake, with artwork by Josh on it.

Attendees: Ian Malcolm, James Malcolm, Cristine Larsen, Jeff Osthimer, Erin Byrne, Josh Gulch, Marie Jarden, Tahirih Kuhns, Phil Dake, Shawn Fisher, and Carey Fisher.

He looks comfy, doesn't he? Phil meandered about in Erin's bathrobe, greeting Ian when he arrived. Phil told Ian that he had moved in with Jeff and Erin. Ian didn't suspect a surprise party was in progress during this exchange.

Photo Credit Marie Jarden
It wasn't quite as yellow as the picture makes it out to be This was the "Very Merry Unbirthday" cake that Marie baked. The ornament on top is of Ian as the mad hatter, which was drawn and cut out at the very last minute.

Photo Credit Marie Jarden
Please note the Hawaiian Punch, which was very good. This is a handful of the people who came, posing before Ian and Jam-Jam arrived. Phil wears a very determined expression (and still the bathrobe), probably saying "Come on guys, let's do this!"

Photo Credit Josh Gulch/Marie Jarden
The Arrival of the Malcolms Ian and Jam-Jam were invited on the pretense of a LAN party. Ian, being the sneaky devil that he is, didn't come in through the closer entrance to the kitchen as he was expected to do, but instead walked clear around the room to the other side, unwittingly sneaking up on the party from behind. Not that it mattered, since he was carrying his laptop in front of his face anyway.

Regardless, Shawn and Carey are pleased to cheer for him.

Photo Credit Marie Jarden
Cake time With Jam-Jam distracted by something else, Shawn smiling gleefully, and Erin in scrubs about to run out the door to work, Ian prepares to blow out the candles on his cake.

Photo Credit Marie Jarden
Torpedoes! This was Josh's gift to Ian. Ian had remarked that when he pounds his fist down, everyone should know that means to fire torpedoes. Here he is depicted in his command chair, in his admiral uniform, slamming down his iron fist to order the firing of torpedoes.

Art Credit Josh Gulch
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